Maltese vs Maltipoo comparison & difference

Are you curious about the Maltese vs. the Maltipoo? A Maltipoo and a Maltese are smaller dogs who are packed with fun and personality. As a Maltese is half of a Maltipoo they are quite similar effortlessly because both of them have the same D.N.A. To know more on Maltese vs Maltipoo, keep reading. 

A Maltipoo is a little bit different when it comes to character. As they are more active and livelier than a Maltese. Which is the reason why they require a bit more attention. However, they do not require that much attention when it comes to their grooming.

Both these two breeds of dogs are small pups who are bubbling up in the presence of their personalities. So let us take one glance at why these pet dogs are a strong favorite as family pet dogs around the globe.

What are the lifestyle requirements of Maltese?

A Maltese is trusting, responsive, intelligent, gentle, and affectionate. One good family pet Maltese is vigorous, playful, and lively, and they typically like learning tricks. This breed of dog can be snappy in the presence of raucous kids. Their petite build of a Maltese belies its courageous presence.

What is the diet of Maltese?

Maltese are known to pile on the lbs, however, so the diet must be made out of biologically good proteins, vegetables, healthy fats, and ground bones. They are filled with essential minerals and vitamins- for optimum performance and health.

Let us look at the other side of this Maltese vs Maltipoo comparison & difference. 

What are the lifestyle requirements of Maltipoo?

Maltipoo tends to have high levels of energy but they just require one moderate quantity of physical activity. One short 10 minutes to 15 minutes of jogging or walking or one round of fetch indoors is going to keep this dog breed healthy and happy. These dogs are always wanting to play. This is the reason why having some fun wild training is going to provide the most premium outcomes.

What is the diet of Maltipoo?

A Maltipoo is one small breed of dog. Which is the reason why they are going to require one diet that is quite high in terms of fat and protein. The most premium kind of food for any Maltipoo is one dehydrated kibble which is particularly created for smaller breeds of dogs.

Maltese vs Maltipoo comparison & difference

As a Maltipoo is the baby of a Maltese we are not going to be wrong if we say that these two breeds of dogs are quite comparable. Both in terms of temperament and appearance along with a lot of other features. A Maltese is one purebred dog breed, whereas a Maltipoo is one mixed-breed pup. On top of that, they are not all so considered as one dog breed in their own right yet.

The dog breed Maltese is more independent compared to Maltipoos. They are also less vulnerable to separation anxiety. The primary contrast between Maltipoos and Maltese dogs is their lifespan. A Maltese dog lives longer than a Maltipoo on average. As they are one more ancient dog breed compared to a newcomer like the hybrid of Maltipoo dog.

If a potential dog owner is after one lap dog that needs minimal physical activities then a Maltese is going to be a smart option. However, if a potential dog owner is after one cute pet dog that is a little bit more lively, then a Maltipoo is going to be the better option for them. Regardless of the Maltese vs Maltipoo comparison & difference these two pint-sized dog breeds are both full of personality and seriously cute.

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